Sleep in Spring
“She doesn’t remember a lot of things. You’re just one of them.”

That morning, Cheng-yang was about to take his wife Mei-hsin to the nursing home. At that moment, he was still unsure if Mei-hsin really had dementia or chose to forget certain things. As Mei-hsin’s memory problems got worse, a knot in their heart that neither of them had wanted to bring up resurfaced. Which of her recollections of their loving relationship had really happened?

Sleep in Spring was inspired by Nobel Prize-winning author Alice Munro’s short novel The Bear Came Over the Mountain. The play uses the story of a decades-long marriage and the impact of the wife’s dementia to depict the most subtle and inexplicable happiness and sadness in an intimate relationship. It touches on issues such as dementia, long-term care and the emotional needs of the elderly. Its poignant but delicate portrayal of emotions and characters have a universal and perpetual appeal.

Since CHIEN Li-Ying made her debut as a playwright with Sleep in Spring in 2012, the theater sphere in Taiwan has not overlooked any of her plays. In 2022, ten years after the release of Sleep in Spring, director Tora Hsu and CHIEN Li-Ying once again showcased their collaborative chemistry, inviting acclaimed actors and actresses with mid-level experience, including Angie Wang, LIN Tzu-Heng, CHU Ding-Yi and WANG Shih-Wei, to restage Chien’s iconic work.

May.27th-Jun.4th,2023_Wellspring Theater_Taipei
April.30th-May.15th, 2022_Wellspring Theater_Taipei

Credit |

Playwright|CHIEN Li-Ying
Director|Tora Hsu
Cast|Angie Wang, LIN Tzu-Heng, WANG Shih-Wei , CHU Ding-Yi
Set Design|LEE Po-Ling
Light Design|WANG Cheng-Yuan
Sound Designer|HUNG Yi-Chun (Iggy Hung)
Costume Design|FAN Yu-Lin
Stage Manager|FENG Qi-Jun
Director Assistant|MAO Sih-Yu, Ryan Lin
Technical Director|CHEN Jen-Shuo, HSU Jia-Yu
Master Electrician|KUO Hui-Yu
Audio Technical Director|CHEN Yu-Chien, CHANG Chih-Hui
Taiwanese Hokkien Director|CHEN Qiu-Hui
Sound Operator|CHEN Chung-You
Technicians|DING Yann-Ming, WANG Li-Hsuan, LI Liang-Yu, SHEN Zong-Yi, QIU Yun-Han, LIN Zhi-Yi, LIN Jia-Yu, ZHUANG Jia-Cheng, GAO Tang-Jie, CHEN Wei-Yuan, CHEN Yi-Ting, CHEN Chong-Wen, CHEN Zi-Ling, CHEN Yu-Zhu, XU Yu-Quan, HUANG Bo-Sen, XU Jun-Feng, YE Jia-Wen, YE Guo-Ya, LIANG Hong-Yue, ZENG Wen-Qi, CAO Xin-Ci, ZHAO Zhi-Yao, LIU Yi-Tong, LU Guan-Yan, LAN Chin-Ting
Wardrobe|ZHUANG Pei-Wen, CHANG Ning-Hsiang
Stylist & Makeup|Teddy Cheng, Sarah Wu
Main Vision Design|GOPHOTO, ZHUANG Shao-Cheng, HUANG Fan-Zhen
Main Vision Photography|TSAO Kai-Ping
Trailer Editor|YEN Tzu-Wei, LIANG Kai-Chun, HUANG Kai-Jhe
Stylist of Trailer|FAN Yu-Lin
Makeup artist of Trailer|WU Chih-Hui
Production Director|SU Chih-Peng
Producer|Ann Wu
Executive Producer|YEN Tzu-Yun
Administration|CHEN Yi-Ling
Photographer|Dabei Chin
Documentation Photographer|BiG BiG CHEN International Film Co., Ltd.