The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor (2017)

The daily chorus from the land of disease
A group portrait in the post-cocktail era


As a resident artist of the NTCH’s Art Base Program, CHIEN Li-Ying spent more than a year conducting HIV-related field surveys to accomplish The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor. By writing about the history of homosexuality and AIDS, focusing particularly on the years after the cocktail treatment was introduced, the playwright is questioning: As the disease is no longer just a deadly threat, and those infected no longer told as mere metaphors in literary tragedies but as “people”, what would the story be like?

The story opens with a scene at the launch of a documentary film about Ma-mi. A woman named Jun-fan relies on the accounts in Ma-mi’s diary to go after his relatives and friends for interviews. She tries to find out the reason behind the disbanding of “Ma-mi's Home”, a place that once sheltered many AIDS patients and volunteers. Segments of Ma-mi’s diary and descriptions from the interviewees interlace. But what is the truth? Is Ma-mi telling the answer, or just giving a possible memoir?

Following their success on Ok, My Dear Sisters and Dress in Code, CHIEN Li-Ying and Tora Hsu team up again for The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor – another testimony to the shining brilliance of this young and highly noticeable playwright-director duo.


Sep. 29th-Oct.1st, 2017_Wellspring Theater_Taipei
April 14th-16th, 2017_Taiwan International Festival of Arts_Expermental Theatre _Taipei

Credit |

Playwright|CHIEN Li-Ying
Director|Tora Hsu
Producer|SU Chih-Peng
Set Design │ LEE Po-Ling
Video Design │ WANG Cheng-Yuan
Light Design │ Joanne Shyue
Costume Design │ LEE Yu-Sheng
Composer │ Blaire KO
Script Consultant|WU Zheng-Han
Cast │ Angie Wang, WANG Chao-Yang, YU Pei-Jen, CHU Ding-Yi, LIN Tzu-Heng, LIN Chia-Chi, KAO Ro-Shan, TSENG Hsin-Yen,
            LIAO Wei-Di, LIAO Yuan-Ching