The world is getting worse. Are we still good enough?

Starting from the question “A baby?,” Lungs finds a couple—a PhD candidate and an indie musician—in a conversation about whether or not they should have a kid. They both have received higher education and done recycling, and they won’t even set foot in coffee chains because they care about the future of the planet. So, before bringing “it” into the world, they want to make sure if they are good enough to create another life in this overpopulated world while temperatures and sea levels are rising. Their conversations last for a lifetime, and the couple keeps pondering on how the next generation might survive the doomsday and, most importantly, how they themselves might survive the crisis of love.

Lungs, Duncan Macmillan’s most noted play, followed Every Brilliant Thing as the second localization project of 4 CHAIRS THEATRE. The two-hander was directed by Artistic Director Tora HSU and starred award-winning actors Bean SUN and Kuan-Ting LIU. Through the intense dialogues, 4 CHAIRS THEATRE aimed to present a simple yet moving love story where the audience could resonate with the life problems and deep anxiety in contemporary society that the two highly-educated, middle-class characters are also faced with in their 30s.

Mar.4th-19th, 2023_ Taipei Performance Arts Center _ Blue Box _Taipei


Credit |
Playwright|Duncan Macmillan
Script Translator|Eric Lin
Director|Tora Hsu
Cast|LIU Guan-Tin, SUN Ke-Fang
Set Design|CHEN Guan-Lin
Video Design|WANG Cheng-Yuan
Light Design|CHEN Guan-Lin ,WANG Cheng-Yuan
Sound Design|Iggy Hung
Costume Design│ FAN Yu-Lin
Acting Coach|LIN Chih-Heng
Director Assistant|PAN Pin-Feng, Ryan Lin
Stage Manager|DENG Ming-You
Assistant Stage Manager|LAN Chin-Ting 
Installation Consaltant|HUANG Chang-Chih
Technical Director|LIU Po-Yen
Master Electrician|HSU Shao-Hsiang
Audio Technical Director|CHEN Yu-Chien
Wardrobe|ZHUANG Pei-Wen
Stylist & Makeup|Teddy Cheng, Sarah Wu
Stage Technicians|WU Yu-Ying, CHOU Kuan-Chih, HSU Pai-Jui, YEH Hsiu-Ying, LAN Ge-Fang
Light Technicians|LEE Ching-Tai, KUO Yu-Wei, CHEN Wei-Yuan, LIOU Zong-Bo, TSAI Chen-Han, TSAI Li-Han
Sound Technician|WU SHU-WEI, LIN,Jia-Yu , CHANG Chih-Hui, ZHAO Zhi-Yao
Video Operator|LUO Chen-Yang
Production Director|SU Chih-Peng
Producer|Ann Wu
Executive Producer|LU Lin
Administration|CHEN Yi-Ling
Agency of Cast|Chelsea Entertainment, Eightgeman
Graphic Design|HUANG Fan-Zhen
Main Vision Photography|Etang Chen
Main Vision Arts|Setsation Studio
Main Vision Dresser|FAN Yu-Lin
Main Vision Makeup|Teddy Cheng, Sarah Wu
Costume of Main Vision|Dleet
Photographer|Dabei Chin, Huang Huang-Chih
Documentation Photographer|BiG BiG CHEN International Film Co., Ltd.
Script Licensing|Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
Special Thanks|Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group, HORSE