The body is like a wall waiting to explode
You must put out the fire inside

Playwriting prodigy CHEN Yo-Rui writes his Inflammation in such a ferocious way and with an almost devilish choice of words. Through a bizarre murder and abandonment case, he presents an atypical narrative of new residents against the backdrop of a sprawling city. His extraordinary language dazzles like a labyrinth, with monologues, dialogues and narrations crisscrossing one another. Digesting it is like peeling off layers of an onion. The audience is guided to see how fiery language shines on the marginal others living in near-filthy darkness.

4 CHAIRS THEATRE had on board CHEN Yu-Dien, a prominent rising star known for his meticulous yet bold style and unique theatre language, as a visiting director for Inflammation. Recreating the narrative scenes of a story that is filled with the wildest dreams is a challenge. Yet the production reflects a peculiar facet of 4CHAIRS THEATRE’s approach with original scripts.

Nov. 1st-3rd,2019_Experimaental Theatre, Taipei


Credit |

Artistic Director|Tora Hsu
Playwright|CHEN You-Rui
Director|CHEN Yu-Dien
Cast|LIN Chia-Chi, CHEN Yi-En, TSENG Hsin-Yen, TSAI Yi-Ling
Set Design|LIAO Yin-Chiao
Light Design|CHIU Pin-Xue
Costume Design|CHANG Jing-Ying
Composer │CHOU Li-Ting
Sound Design │ Iggy Hung
Video Design │ WANG Cheng-Yuan
Graphic Design|LEE Ming-Chen
Producer|SU Chih-Peng
Stage Manager|CHOU Hsien-Hsin
Technical Director|DENG Ming-You
Master Electrician|XU Yu-Ling
Sound Engineering|CHEN Yu-Chien
Technicians|CHANG Chih-Hui, CHEN Yen-Wei, CHEN Yuan-Ling, CHOU Guan-Chi, WU Xiu-He, HSU Hsin-Tian, HSU Shao-Hsiang,
                         LIANG Hong-Yue, LIN Xiao-Chien, TSAI Chen-Han
Dresser|LIU Nung
Wardrobe|PAN Hsuan-Rong
Executive Producer|Ann Wu
Main Vision Manager|LEE Ming-Chen
Main Vision Photography|HUANG Huang-Chih
Main Vision Arts|LIAO Yin-Chiao
Main Vision Dresser|CHANG Ching-Ying
Main Vision Makeup|LIU Nung
Promo|CHEN Guan-Yu
Promo Background Music|CHOU Li-Ying
Performance Documentation|BiG BiG CHEN International Film Co., Ltd.
Photography|Dabei Chin